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West Ham Utd (Class of 86) game


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There seems still to be confusion about this game and Wardy's testimonial following various telephone calls to me at the office.


This game IS NOT WARDY'S TESTIMONIAL, but an additional game that has been agreed between the club and the West Ham teams organisers.

When Steve announces the date i'm sure he will let you know via the forum and Official site.


In addition i have some flyers advertising this game that can be e-mailed to those who can or wish to advertise it at their place of work,school,pub etc.

PM or E-Mail me at wpurser.cifc@kings-leisure.co.uk if you want one.


You can also pledge your money to me via this way for a place in the Canvey team or if you would like your little ones to be a mascot for the game.

I have received a substantial bid for one of the places but still have 2 places available (a bid even as small as £20 could get you this at the moment).

For the mascots they will receive aswell as a signed football a commemorative T-shirt and shorts to keep to remember the day by.


I will attempt to get some interest from our friends of other clubs in the area. Your help would be appreciated also.


West Ham have confirmed their line up (on official site now). Canvey squad should be on their soon aswell.





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Hi Wayne.


Not normally a Mr picky!


I maybe wrong but you might want to check if the West Ham lads like to be known as Boys of 86, rather than class.


I can see that the website has class also and wonder if this bit, if wrong, will be captured on future advertising and will be noticed.


If they participate, that is some group of names you have there, for both sides.

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Hi Phil,


We have been told that they like to be called Class of and not Boys! I automatically assumed it would be "Boys of" when we initially started arrangements.

TC is arranging the West Ham Utd team and those names were confirmed by him with more to come. Micky Bright is responsible for the Canvey side, also confirmed attendees.


Thanks to those who requested posters to be sent to them for work etc and the Mascot packages are going nicely now!


We still have places available to play as we have received to date only one substantial bid.

COME ON LADS GET THOSE BIDS IN, You never know for a small bid you could win a place!!!

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