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Carnival meeting tonight. Last reminder if you wish to go. Clubhouse 7.30. Representative from Active Signs attending. All details of carnival float will be both discussed and confirmed. You can still have a say in the float if you so wish. Carnival on Sunday 7th August. Come along as you may be able to help in certain matters.

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Thanks Geoff. Thats exactly what we want. Lets have as many as possible there to hand out various items including many thousands of leadflets. Its going to be a great show so lets all make this effort. Again thanks Geoff.

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That was a good meeting. A little disappointed with the turnout (it was a bit lower than the previous meeting) but everything seems to be falling into place.


In case anyone else was wondering why Ive changed my tune recently its because of being involved with Margate FC. When you are looking from the outside in you look at things more sceptically than when you are looking out from the inside. After speaking to KP and others Ive realised things arent as bad as they seem and while I have appeared overly critical of Margate FC, it was only due to not knowing about how things really work. People have a perception of Margate FC which will take a while to change. I hope I can help to change that perception.

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All credit to you James for both attending these meetings of late and for not being afraid to face those that put you down at times( me included.)

You are very knowledgable young man and will go far in life but now you know that a football club isnt just about politics. You can now see that and special credit should go to you for the above post. About time we got off your back. See you at the Ramsgate game. You will see many more faces from here (if you ask) and hopefully enjoy the football too.

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