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Which one of Depeche Mode is gay, Gertch?

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I read an article by Martin Gore in which he claims one member of Depeche Mode is a bandit, but says it's not him (though I have my doubts!)


Is it a current member, or was he referring to Vince Clarke, do you think??


P.S. If they all just married supermodels like Duran did, there'd be none of this ambiguity!


P.P.S. I've just remembered - it's Monday morning - you were out with the Thorns last night... have you gone sick again?? Good work if you have, mate!!

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I gave myself and extra hour in bed this morning. After out performing the Thorns on the karaoke last night I thought I deserved it.


I'd like to see this article first befor I comment. It is certainly none of the current three members, so I'd guess he must mean Vince, as I doubt Alan Wilder is.

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gertcha EFM said:
1968 ~soul~ said:
Which is the one who lives in Harpenden? Isn't that Martin Gore??

He used to live out Wheathampsted way, but has now moved to America. He used to cash cheques in the Nat West Bank in Harpenden when I worked there for a bit.

How much cash has he got!

question for gertcha, would you sleep with Martin Gore for a million quid?
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