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Good first half I thought.

Hilaire takes one too many touches before blasting over. Otherwise he had a good game.

Big Darren just cant seem to get into his rythmn at the moment and maybe a game on the bench with a late appearance will chirp him up again.

Defence stood firm allbut for a couple of silly errors, but on the whole was impressed with them.

Hassim Dean was my m.o.t.m by a long way.

Sessay introduced and began taking on players with success.Very unlucky not to have got a penalty when clearly held in the box.

Mitten looked sound at the back as well as did Keister.

Green not so good when venturing forward as he too delayed shooting and with a first crack at goal am sure would have scored.

New boy Burke looked very nervous but thats to be expected as he obviously wants to make his mark. Sadly in the the second half he didnt impress.

Oates should be playing better than he is doing, especially going forward.

Kola played well and others in the game were fair but not outstanding.

A disappointing result in front of a good crowd that as mentioned elswhere will dwindle drastically if things dont improve despite it still being early days.

Could have and should have been a couple of goals in victory and as for Redbridge a very very ordinary side. A side that looks definate relegation material.

Glad to see Junjui actually get on the field even if it was for the opposition.

Redbridge must have wasted 10 minutes in all with their time wasting but I dont recall 10 extra minutes being played.

Bad performance really and two points lost rather than one gained I feel,as well as a possible 200 fans who were not impressed and possibly wont attend again for a while. Hope they do but in other years this does seem to be the trend.We have to try and keep these attendances around the 1000 mark both from off the field and from on it.

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We need to win at home to keep the crowds coming its as simple as that. The £1 for children is a winner but will they still want to come in January and February when its freezing. Still lots of families there today which is encouraging. Heard CK after the match on the radio and he was disappointed. Stated that he is still on the lookout for players particularly with the Transfer window closing. The encouraging thing is that the defence is not conceding and we have only had 2 goals against us, albeit in one match and we have been unbeaten in 3 matches. However we have played two poor teams at home and we need to win those games. See staines held the Dons today, a good result for them.


On another matter when is the club going to give us player profiles. I did not hear the teams announced today and I did not know Leon was not playing until after the game. I thought he'd had a haircut!

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The second half today was poor but I think people are being a bit neurotic. We are not far from being a good side at this level. Remember, today we were without both Leon and Pat. A couple of decent additions and the play-offs are a possibility.

As for the crowds, no one seriously expects us to keep drawing in 1,000 every week.

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