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If I'm Honest..


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.. I'm actually kind of please McKinney got sent off tonight, as it gives Danny a chance to re-prove himself as I really do feel he's the better keeper personally. Hmm, come to think of it though, isn't Ash second choice now? Really do wish Danny was back in the first team, has ruined watching the sexy football we used to play having McKinney in. Thats my opinion anyway, I know a lot of you think he's better.

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In some ways I can see your point if you prefer Ash or Danny to Mckinney - if you prefered keeper isn't playing there aren't many opportunities for them to get a chance. At the moment I don't think it's gonna be down to Mckinney nor Danny - it'll be down to Ash.


We are lucky that we have three good keepers.


Mckinney has pulled off some fantastic saves that IMO would match what Danny could do. However, I find him more indecisive when coming for the ball, quieter with the defence and not as quick to release. However, he hasn't lobbed the ball at a lino yet........


Potter I feel is weak at set pieces and obviously his messing around can cause you to question his attitude.


Either way I'll support all three who appear to have excellent qualities on their day.

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