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Any S.T.F.C. history buffs out there?


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My name is Richard Hill and am a part-time writer based in Langley. I'm also currently running a course for writers interested in local history at Slough Museum.


One of my writing students has decided to research and write about the history of Slough Town Football Club, and is particularly interested in sourcing personal memories and memorabilia relating to the 1973 FA Amateur Cup Final (Hope I've got that right!).


This guy does not have easy access to the internet, so I've offered to be a 'conduit of communication' for him.


If you have any information and could help at all, please e-mail me at morton@richardhill.co.uk


Many thanks in anticipation,





Facilitator - 'In Living Memory' Project - Slough Museum

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The local paper archives would also be a good place to look.

I remember the town being decked out in yellow and blue, and seem to remember some banners across the High Street.

Many shops had window displays.

The largest attendance at an Amateur Cup Final I recall.

Sat on the hard wooden benches, and was gutted when Roger Connell scored.

Took a photo at the kick off, and the team looked like yellow ants on a green background - that's how far away you were from the pitch at the old Wembley!


Still, at least I can say I was there, and sang "Abide with me" at a cup final!



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The am cup final was not the largest crowd, but the most reciepts ever taken at this cup final..never to be broken as the following year the am cup was stopped in favour of the FA trophy...this was a fact recorded in the guiness book of records in the 1974/1975 edition ...

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