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Of interest to Football Manager Game addicts

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I hope that this will be of interest...


I am considering setting up a 12 team league on the XpertEleven site - which is a management game, (presumably) along the lines of 'Championship Manager' and similar other games.


This game will be open to all another Forum Members ( http://www.soccerlinks.net/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?do=login ) should they so wish and encouragement should be given to friends/relatives as well... to ensure the success of this project.


Obviously, such friends/relatives would first off become Members of TK's Forum preparatory to joining the game itself (They will need a Forum Message Box for correspondence purposes, anyhow !).


Once accepted by myself (As No.1 & only Admin istrator), prospective team Managers will be issued with an XpertEleven site ID code and should immediately register on that site ( http://www.xperteleven.com/ ) and using the ID code, begin their League season preparations.


It is anticipated that the League 'season' would consist of a standard 22 matches played twice weekly (We got Tuesday/Saturday with matches at 1400H C.E.T.) in a round-robin tournament and I am initially looking for eleven Forum Members who could guarantee their dedication for each 11 week 'season'.


It is further anticipated that should this venture become popular and remain so - there could be continuing seasons following upon the first such and dependent upon demand, further divisions could be created as the game progresses.


To recapitulate, then:- I need 11 competitors for the first League Period (Season) - which will start ASAP and presuming first fixtures on Saturday 27th. Sept. would continue through to 5th. Jan. Thereafter there would be a fortnight or so hiatus whereupon Season Two would commence - either with just three new elected teams replacing the bottom three relegatees or alternatively with two 12-team divisions... depending on interest levels !


Should any Manager have a problem completing a season, they may be immediately replaced by those persons uppermost in any waiting list - in order to protect the integrity of any running competition. Any such waiting list Manager will be allowed to retain his waiting list position in this (and only this) circumstance - for his own proposed League entrant (as there may be a requirement for such a Management-changed Team to 'fold' at the end of the season in XpertEleven rules) and I do not wish such 'helpful' folks to be disadvantaged should official regulations conspire against them ! There will be an opportunity to refuse taking over a Managerless team... but such refusal would be considered tantamount/equivalent to refusing any election for the waiting-line team and such a team would find itself 'bumped-down' the waiting list thereby !


I think that there is a minimum fortnight period between one League Competition and the following one starting - during which 'friendly' challenge matches may be organised and played.


Managers will be elected at any stage on a strictly first come/first served basis in terms of those who confirm their interest in my Message Box. (All correspondence about this game is to be directed to myself by my Forum Mailbox - particularly in respect of applications to run any new teams !)


Once the 'magic' figure of the minimum dozen quorum has been reached (myself counting as one)

I will begin the administration tasks required upon the site to get us kicked off. Note that the administration will be a completely new venture for myself, so I will apologise beforehand for any glitches or errors which might occur and be caused either by (in)action or misunderstanding on my part. Rest assured though, that the game site is run by a team of completely competent Administrators who would always be available to resolve any such problems arising !


Managers who at various stages have a minimum of one team active within any division of the League will be allowed to apply for a second team emplacement and should they succeed in becoming Manager for two teams, this would qualify them for application for a third team... and so on.


A waiting list (as inferred above) will be drawn up for those would-be Managers who are initially unsuccessful at emplacing a team & thereafter wish to emplace subsequent Teams and any vacancies arising will be offered firstly to the name at the top of the list, then second... and so on.

Waiting list priority will be (1) New Members; (2) Current Members with one Team active; (3) Current Members with two Teams active... and so forth.

Initially, 13th & further applicants will be invited; in the first place; to 'take over' any team whose Manager 'retires' the course of the season and thereafter will be invited to create new teams subsequent to a season's end.


If a Manager subsequently loses a League team to relegation from the League at any stage - he will not lose his rights to try to get any of his already registered, not-yet-elected teams into the League. In fact, the not-yet-elected team would move up the waiting list - due to the fact that it would have become that Managers 'First Team' instead of 'Second Team', or perhaps become 'Second Team' instead of 'Third Team' !


There will be relegation from the single division &/or the bottom division in any given season and Managers of teams thus affected will 'lose' that team (which will be adjudged to have folded) and the Managers involved will have their names added back to the waiting list for further places as they become available. Note that if more than one team be relegated, priority on the waiting list will be afforded to the higher placed relegatee before any lower placed one.


Having said that those relegated teams will be adjudged 'folded' when they leave the League, there will not be a problem with any Manager committed to 'resurrecting' a favoured team name in respect of re-entry to the League... which will effectively 'void' the folding issue. There would, of course be a minimum of one season out of League for any such team.


Relegation will affect the bottom three teams in each division, whether or not there is an established division below to which they might be relegated and promotions will therefore be available for three teams per division.


The creation of new lower Divisions at the end of each season will be entirely dependent upon there being a sufficiency of would-be League Teams already established just prior to the kick-off of a new season. When a new division is introduced, the bottom three teams in the previously established League will be emplaced within the new division for the following season, rather than being completely relegated from the League. The top three waiting list teams would be elected into the previously lowest division as normal. In any circumstance, I do not envisage more than one new lower division to be created in any given season and there may be insufficient demand for any new divisions in some seasons - we will just have to wait and see how well it all goes.


Should an established League team become 'defunct' at the end of a season (subject to XpressEleven internal rules & regulations), then all teams placed immediately below such a team would find themselves 'bumped-up' a position and (as I understand it) extra promotions would ensue from this eventuality. There would not be any 'protection from relegation' in this circumstance.


All of the above rules and regulations will have to be further subject to XpertEleven's internal R&R's and might need some small amendment if I have not understood any which might happen to conflict with my stated aims above ! (But, I think I have grasped them sufficiently well - that this should not cause any problems !)


I think that covers just about all the regulations in terms of 'administration style', however prospective Managers should immediately go to http://www.xperteleven.com/ and browse 'Rules' to ensure that they become familiar with the overweaning site regulations.








Further regulations for entry.


In setting up and subsequently devoting some reasonable amount of time in administration for this fun competition - I am exercising my right to one further 'rule' in respect of the allowable team names for this game. This rule is purely for my own amusement purposes and satisfaction, so please bear with me... you are allowed to giggle behind my back about my little 'peccadiloes' if you so wish !


I will issue two part team-names to prospective players in the format of '(Choice of several) Fictitious Place Names' + 'Suitable Suffix (City; Town; Athletic; Rovers; etc... & Other)'.

Reminding you that all correspondence for this game will be via Forum Message Board.


Whilst the first 'FPN' will be considered 'set-in-stone' subject to the choices issued (& the **PS** below), all players may be just about as creative as they wish with the 'SS' - by choosing their own suitable 'Other' suffix.


**PS** If you have devised your own reasonable original (British-sounding) FPN... which I cannot find duplicated within my own gazetters of British (& sounding) place names ~ please forward such to myself and if it proves to be completely original within the limits of my gazetters - you will be free to use it instead of any which I would have otherwise issued to you !

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