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ryman league


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pretty poor day for the ryman league yesterday in the fa cup with all the remaining sides losing, most of them by cricket scores.


a quick view of the league table sees that we have slipped to 10 th place and are now equidistant in terms of points (12) from the top of the table and from the relegation zone!!! i accept that we have a game in hand over most of those above us (except kingstonian) which if won could see us back to 5 th. i think this emphasises how tight this league could still be this year which begs the question why are we shedding players faster than the trees are shedding leaves. altho i have to say i have agreed with most of the departures we do need to ensure we maintain some depth in the squad otherwise we ll end up doing a wivenhoe n pitching up with 8 players.


i just hope its not part of the masterplan to make sure we were up there until the planning permission got granted n then bothered...i think its getting to the stage where the squad needs strengthening..any thoughts?????



<img src="/forums/images/graemlins/argue.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/argue.gif" alt="" />

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Only Dave McD and Mark Brennan have left so far.... We did start the season with an unusually (for us anyway) large squad.... However if Fewings and Richard Graham do leave it would leave us pretty lightweight in attack. Apparently both have the opportunity to fight for their place in the squad if they want to....


The next half dozen or so league fixtures could prove all important - almost all are games we won last season:


Grays h won 3-2

Hampton a won 2-1

Basingstoke h won 2-0 <-- Effectively the "game in hand" as 1 of only 2 games on dec 10th

Harrow a won 2-0

Ford h n/a (2nd from bottom)

Canvey a lost 3-0

Aylesbury h n/a (but won away earlier this season)


A good return from those 7 games would see us firmly established in the chasing pack at least, if not in the lead group.


Aldersh*t have some very tricky matches coming up including Hendon, Kingstonian, Purfleet and St. Albans so this could prove to be an excellent opportunity to make up some ground on the leaders.

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Summer signings:




Forrester (2 games)

Bubb (looked quite good)

Brennan (slow)

McDonald (was getting better)

Fewings? (Our best striker before injury)

Rantala? (didnt get a chance)

R. Graham (listed, despite playing well)


+ quality Baker




Kerrigan: (solid)



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Forrester & Bubb or Essandoh & DJ? Definately the latter for me.... Brennan not up to the pace of the league and wasn't performing. Mcdonald in a position where we are strong with Penn and Henty both good right backs. Hopefully having shipped Brennan and McD out we'll bring in an attacker or two to replace them. The back 6 (JJ, Henty, Adedeji, Moore and Kerrigan with Penn or Willo in front of them) looks very solid but we have not been scoring enough goals.

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I get the impression that he is out of favour, and I do think that on the pitch he doesn't look as committed as he once did. I fear he may well return once his loan spell is over.

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