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Away days this season

Gate Watcher

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Best away day. AFC Wimbledon for the result and the great support we took.


Worst away day. Chelmsford for being so cold and the pitch having shot putt holes all over it.


Favourite ground other than your own. AFC Wimbledon but Billericay is nice enough.


Least favourite ground. East Thurrock


Best fans seen on our travels. Billericay were noisy for a small crowd. Leyton very friendly.

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Best away day: no doubt, Wimbledon. Will stick in the memory for many years.


Worst away day: Billericay, for me. At that time, relegation looked a threat, and to see Warren Ryan play so well was just a kick in the teeth.


Fave ground: again, I would have to say Wimbledon. A nice little set-up, although they got the segregation all wrong.


Worst ground: Windsor. On a cold day, that is HORRIBLE - no cover at either end and an awful pitch.


Best fans: Would have to agree Billericay - they made a fair bit of noise (although, if it counts, the Gravesend fans, as ever, were good sports!)

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Awww, I hate these end of season things because it reminds me we will have no MARGATE for three months.


Loved AFC for the singing and the superb atmosphere (and we won).


Liked Wealdstone because they are not beasts with two heads but a decent bunch of folks, (and we thrashed them).


Hampton was a gorgeous club in a lovely setting and Keith and Banjo were supremely efficient stewards (and we won).


HATED Chelmsford, and you could not have a fag anywhere it counts. No atmosphere, horrid pitch, can't bang the drum after 21.36, and freezing.


East Thurrock had a charm all it's own. Wonder where the washing machine ended up.

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Best away day without a shadow of a doubt AFC Wimbledon


Worst away day same reason as MH. Even i thought that we were going to get relegated.


Favourite ground, Kingstonians


Least favourite ground, Northwoods


Best away fans, Gravesend as the banter was brilliant and it made me enjoy the game


Worst away fans, Wealdstone as they were extremely abusive towards me.

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