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Great Idea

Crazy Fool

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On Friday Night i had a great night out, Got plastered.

When I got home I decided to shave my head.

Not sure what i regretted the most saturday at about 11:30!!!!

I know there is lots of stuff on here already, But well done to everybody, especially the kids.

I was last back from the road walkers, nursing back a headached Ashleigh and A clicking kneed Lauren. At about the 10 mile mark I seriously duobted they would make it. I said that if them sitting down and having an half hour break meant missing kick off then so be it...........to both their credit they were both determined to finish.

The fact they were , the slowest ,and last, was something this fat, un-fit, half-wit, with a beetroot head was quite chuffed with!!!!



PS Lauren would like to thank Roger And Mark Hunter for giving her more money on the day

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Thanks BFR,

Although it brought home to me how unfit I really am; this walk has brought a new diet on! (Although I really really do not want to give the booze up).

me and the two girls have a new pact for any of the walks Slough supporters do from now on.

We'll Give Chloe and Victoria 20 quid each and meet them there!

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It's fantastic that everybody finished. Although this walk was the shortest of all the recent one's nobody should underestimate how much effort it takes to walk 13 miles, particularly in that heat. Great effort by all who took part.

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