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(1)....How many moped riders(not including Portugese ones) does it require before one is advised to "take a leaf out of your mates book"?


(2)....How many minutes have you for Jesus?


(3)....What colour is that red wine your drinking?


(4)....How many Phillipino dwarves does it take to stuff a chimney ?


(5)....How many countries in the E.U. operate a cordruoy registering scheme ?


(6)....How much does a Taxi to Embankment station cost... from the flower stall outside Embankment station ?


(7)....Do you mind if I pounce on you ?


(8)....If a London Taxi driver is acting like an East end gangster and obviously "being hysterical" should he (a)..be slapped on the bonce : or (B)..Given a tenner and advised that homosexual, adoption is a crime against humanity.


(9)....In Japan the common leaf is seen as ....(a) A weapon ....(B) A phallic symbol ....© A duracell bunny: or ....(d) A simple gesture of welcome ?


(10).....Do I think you're a div ?



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