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Hi Folks


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hi all.


i have been in hospital and not able to get to a computer for the last few months, so when i finaly got to come on here there were hundreds of posts to lok at, and to be honest i cant really be arsed. can someone give me a run down of what has happened in the last few months.



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Eleven players have followed Jeff to Chelmsford, the others have gone to various clubs dotted around the leagues.


Our Ressies last season have signed first team contracts and we've re-signed some players from other Clubs - Crow, Dobbo, Nicky Rugg, Glen Johnson.


Friendlies kick-off on Saturday at home to Billericay, that's also when the new strip is out with new sponsors.


If you've missed it, we've got a new Board of Directors, Management Team etc.


Think that's about it... <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />


Hope you're feeling better and not too sore.

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who went to chelmsford in the end, i know about hallet but that is about it.


i havent been outside in the 2 months and know nothing. to make matters worse i wont be able to make saturdays game as my bloody sister is getting married, im hoping to drag my crippled [****!!****] down for tuesdays game.

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McKinney, Conroy, Chenery, Ward, Bimson, Noto, Lowes, Minton, Duffy, Ibe and Hallett have all gone to Chelmsford.


Keeling's at Gravesend, Clarke and Sterling are at Maidenhead, Greggs has gone to Wivenhoe, Tait's at Eastbourne, Boylan's at Grays, Potter is at Stevenage, Kennedy is at Histon and Dolan has gone to Basingstoke.


The only two we don't know about are Sedgemore and McGhee.


John Batch is Manager, Gary Britnell is Assistant Manager.


So far this season we have signed up: Ricky Wiseman, Glen Johnson, Nicky Rugg, Crow, Dobbo, Leon Gordon, Steve Corbell, Andrew West, Danny Lamb, Stuart Batch and Ryan Edgar with others expected to sign up probably tonight or at least in time for Saturday.


The new Board consists of: Dennis Rugg, John Batch, John Morris, Chris Gardner, Gary Sutton and Keith Johnson. Glen Eckett is now Supporters Club Chairman and Club Press Officer! <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

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