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Thoughts from a Barnet fan


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I am a Bees fan living in St Albans who attends as many Saints games as possible. I was part of 354 crowd vs Thurrock rather than watching Arsenal vs Real last year


Well done on start to Conference. The match versus Cambridge was very enjoyable, and you deserve a big crowd for reaching Conference for first time. I'm afraid to say Saints will meet more teams like Cambridge than Kiddermisnter this season.


The first half was very even, however match fitness let the Saints down in second half.


Saints desperatelty need an experienced ball winner in midfield prepared to match crunching tackles etc. Someone like Scott Oakes.


Tom Davis is a player of skill and potential but he does frustrate a neutral. Too often he is trying to do the perfect a la Beckham pass/flick rather than passing the ball short. He is also caught out of position on a number of occasions caught between defense and up front. An experienced ball winner will release Tom to be the playmaker he has the potential to be.


The strikers ran well and will score providing they get the service from midfield. This is a problem Barnet have too so is nothing new.


I look forward to adding support to Saints over coming season.

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Saints desperatelty need an experienced ball winner in midfield prepared to match crunching tackles etc. Someone like Scott Oakes.

Scott Oakes??? <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" /> You're kidding us surely?? I don't think he's made a tackle, never mind a crunching tackle, in his life.

Other than that, keep on supporting the Mighty Saints <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />
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Agree entirely re the need for a ball winner in midfield. But Scott Oakes? I don't remember him ever making a tackle. Great on dead balls; otherwise anonymous. More like someone in the style of Danny Bulman at Stevenage.


Elphick certainly desrved to go. He must learn to be selective with his tackles. He has been excellent in both games but we can't afford to play with 10 men - certainly not in this league.


By the way did Dwayne Lee play for Barnet? At Kiddy he was not one of the best on show!

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I was also there as a neutral last night. I thought Davis looked excellent in midfield, if you could find a better partner for him than Marwar things would be pretty good in that department.


And yes, Elphick deserved to go, the incident was right in front of me. The retaliation was comical, the Cambridge players just looked in sheer disbelief at the stupidity of it.


Also thought the referee was spot on from start to finish. Refreshing to see a good performance from an official for a change.

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