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Dover Pitch Inspection

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Sorry dave, I know its not your fault. 1p.m. is just not good enough. With the road works on the A2 getting parked etc its just cutting it to fine. When will we know, how long does a pitch inspection take. I was planning to leave at 1pm. If I havn't heard by 10 past Im staying at home.


The weather is fine, its not likely to be frozen. If there is any doubt the the match should have been called OFF already.


Dover FC and officials GET YOUR ACT together. Next time think about the supporters.

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On Dover's official forum, this message is posted :-


Just phoned the club...

January 11 2003 at 10:16 AM Tommy Blanche (Login TomBlanche)


from IP address



Response to There is a Pitch inspection at 11am




They say its 75% likely to be played. Theres some frost on the pitch, but they expect that to clear. According to the woman I was speaking to, the referee is not coming down until 1pm, so I am guessing they are not having an inspection till then.


Only reporting what I was told.




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.... I have just heard from the ground that it is 75% icy and they are leaving it to the match official at 12.45.

It is looked on as being "doubtful". Words from the ground, not mine. So your guess is as good as mine about this one. I shall set off hoping that I do not have a wasted journey.



[color:"red"] As we now know its off, but if it was 75% icy, why was it left so late?? [/color]

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A similar situation to our home game against Aldershot last year. There must have been a suitably qualified official living locally to Crabble who could have carried out an inspection earlier in the day. Does no-one learn from past experiences of such situations?


I know that they wanted to play the game if at all possible but with a considerable distance to cover surely some consideration must be given to the away teams players, officials and supporters!


All it called for was some good old common sense, something clearly in short supply in certain quarters.

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Well, Daz, we got as far as Faversham on the trains - should have known it was off, having seen you standing at Gillingham station, as our train pulled away! <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/mad.gif" alt="" />

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