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How Many Should Hang.

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Saddam has been found guilty of killing 100 plus human beings and correctly so, there is no doubt he also killed the odd thousand or so, Bush and Blair have over 600,000 human beings killed in Iraq on their record.

How many of the three individuals should hang?


We put Saddam in power, we (the good ol USA and GB) supplied him with his initial armaments and we considered he was a bulwark against certain other Arab elements in defence of Israel(Russia and the French and others also supplied).

Are we to consider now killing off the odd half million human beings in Somalia or any other African state that murders thousands of its own peoples?

There is simply too much bullshine written about why we invaded, the answer of course is simply the second biggest oil fields in the world.

We invaded according to Blair due to the threat to the civilised world from Saddams weapons of mass destruction.

There is no applicable excuse for our actions.

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Even as a believer in capital punishment FOR SOME CRIMES, I can't help feeling that if and when the sentence is carried out the Sunni's will send at least 1,000 allied troops back home in body-bags.


Incidently, who saw Tony Bliar stating on television that he was opposed to the death sentence but upheld the Iraqi Court ruling ??


What a good hand-washing-show the two faced dick put on.


Perhaps he should be named [color:"red"] PONTIUS BLIAR [color:"black"] from now on !


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