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G Angel

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Oh dear. I must confess I missed the first episode, but sat down to watch yesterday evening. I am happy to see that the common transaction delayer of romantic liaison between vendor and purchaser has now been given the public coverage it deserves. This really does occur with a far greater frequency than the lay-person tends to realise. Also:


- a 'non-voting' director? Who has all the responsibilities and duties of a director, but no say in the running of the company? That's a quality last minute clause to drop in. And Stephen 'door-smasher' Robson where's Jerome Green no-Brainley refused to accept it?;


- sign one document and you're 'free'; if only ancillary documents did not exist...


- gorgeous blond trainees with the legal knowledge of a mature Lord Denning (RIP). Sure.


- deals completing in daylight hours?


- analogies between companies and families?


Lesson # 1: it's dangerous to fall asleep in your office.


I guess my role is most like This Life's Anna - experienced associate who claims 'all hell has broken loose' when a 3(!) page fax of piddling amendments comes through at the last minute, but can spot the romantic difficulties hampering a deal at the drop of a hat...

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Hi GA.


I wandered from this Board on to the Non League Laughter Pub Page or something like that. [Obviously another operating division of Canvey Island Inc.] and someone had posted a string of the witticisms of Stephen Wright.


One is:


"99% of lawyers give the rest a bad name."


Totally unjustified , in my view.


That documentary, though. Brilliant. The way those Corporate Lawyers close the deals. Clients are putty in their hands, that much I knew, of course, and the calibre of their grads. Excellent.


It must be really exciting.

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