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Ryman 2 V SSML

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neutralbob said:
So, horace, gav, blues, NF etc etc is the SSML a tougher leage than Ryman 2 last yr?

Mornin' nb! <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/wavey.gif" alt="" />

In my opinion, no. Lot more games to play, and they are obsessed with cup competitions so we're playing twice aweek all the time. A few strong sides but mostly not. The 4 ex- Ryman sides all in the top half, even Kingsbury, who are really London Tigers from the county league. Edgware have really got it together and it will be a huge surprise if they blow it now. The teams that let you play get mullahed - we have scored a 9, three 7's and a 6 so far - says it all.
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More games in the SSML, and obvioulsy as Edgware are doing well, I am enjoying this season.


I would say last season was harder, but we have improved since then and added some excellent players. If we had this team last season we would have been top 3 IMO.


Our manager said that Halstead would be a top 6 team in the SSML, whereas they ar 19th in their league.

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