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Rikki Burbridge - Gift of The Gaz Interview


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Born: Enfield

Height: 6ft 3in

Weight: 14 stone

First Game: Away to East Thurrock in the League Cup this season – We lost 1 – 0

Favourite Fans Song; The Stella Song

Favourite Music: Rat Pack – frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jnr.


Rikki Burbridge started playing football at the early age of 6 when he played for Waltham Abbey youth. When he was 8 years old, he played for West Ham youth and was there for 6 years until he went and played for Watford when he was 14. He also has played for Brinsdown, Sawbridgesworth and Harlow. When he was 16 he had to have an operation on his knee which stopped him playing football until he was 19 where he went back to his roots, Waltham Abbey for a season and a half. Rikki then played for Tilbury until a he had a kidney operation which kept him out of football for 3 years. He returned to football and spent a season with Hornchurch scoring 14 goals for the Urchins last season.


Gazza; Rikki, how was it that you came to be a Billericay player.

Rikki; Matt Jones came and saw me and made an offer to me to play for the club. What he said encouraged me to sign. To be honest I wasn’t enjoying myself at Hornchurch. I had picked up an injury and was a bit down at the time. The things Matt said to me got me interested again.


Gazza; And what is your opinion of the club

Rikki; It’s brilliant. When I joined all the players looked after me and made me a part of the team. Everyone here has taken to me and it’s an incredibly friendly club. Without sounding that I’m just saying this because of the interview but everyone, from the management, team and supporters are very supportive and after being at Hornchurch, it’s like a breath of fresh air being here. Now all I want to do is start playing football and scoring goals for the club.


Gazza; You came here carrying an injury and have struggled with it. How are you at the moment.

Rikki; I was injured playing for Hornchurch. I went into a tackle and bent my knee back too far in the wrong direction. It was suspected that I may have torn my cartilage but I’ve had a MRI scan and been given a clean bill of health, which is a weight off of my mind. Now all I need to do is get fit. The gaffer has given me a diet which is supposed to build me up and I’m back to full training, so I’m ready to go!!!


Gazza; What would you say was the best player you have played with

Rikki; Well, the only one I can care to remember is Frank Lampard when I was at West Ham but I was really only very young.


Gazza; And who was the best player you have played against

Rikki; I don’t know really. I don’t really take much notice of who I’m playing against…collecting names isn’t really my thing. All I know is that whoever it is, be it a Premiership player or an Essex Senior League player they are there to stop me from scoring and I’m there to make sure that doesn’t happen. Really, that is how I approach a game. It’s my job to score goals whoever I’m against, so I don’t get hung up with how good they are…Whoever they are, I’ve got to be better than them for the 90 minutes or when I have the chance.


Gazza; That is quite an attitude. Would you say, that is a good attribute in a striker

Rikki; I don’t know really. I mean, what is it that makes a good striker? It’s that they score goals. That is the bottom line…I suppose it is down to attitude. You’ve got to be cocky and not be afraid to have a go. My attitude is that, when I go onto the pitch, I will score. Fair enough, it doesn’t happen all the time but it won’t be for lack of effort on my part. And then there is the next game…Scoring goals is my job, it’s something I enjoy doing but I couldn’t tell anyone how, it’s just comes naturally…You can’t really train for it. Okay, you can work on your fitness and running off the ball and positioning but you can’t teach someone that mentality to score…


Gazza; Like the goal against Folkestone. You lost your marker and suddenly had the ball, two touches and you’ve scored.

Rikki; Yeah…I mean, I made the run but it was a natural thing…almost unconscious. And then to score, I dunno, as I said, it’s what I’m there to do


Gazza; Did you feel any pressure to score. Did the thought go through your head that this is my moment?

Rikki; Dunno…All I was interested in was putting the ball away. It was when it went in and when we celebrated that I thought it could be the winner…As I said, it’s something I enjoy doing and I think I do it naturally.


Gazza; So who would you say is your player that is doing things for the team on the pitch

Rikki; I like Matt Game. He works hard, he holds the ball well, tackles well and when he gets into an attacking position, can create chances …he’s the type of player I like to see a lot of in the side.


Gazza; And how do you see the rest of the season playing out for the club

Rikki; I think promotion is still a possibility. I certainly believe we can do it. The football we play is top drawer and we have a great set of supporters who want it as well. I don’t see any other of the clubs doing what we’re doing.

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