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Yo JackWillo

Marky B

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willo is in a class of his own u is rite baker he is doin well good. he is the desrved captin an should be congratulated on the way he handled the sending offs in the stortford game. if he hadnt of stepped in there could have been more players with red cards. i dunno bout chuckin wallo outta the side cause his actions will be handled by the league, but rantala should be playin up front with him at least.


up with the ricay

Down with the Canvey & Aldershot

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good game the other night but very concerned at something one of our fans told me. Apparently our striker was dismissed after he punched one of your players who callled him 'a black b******'. Wallace was sent off for trying to seperate the two players, who I'm told was your No.10, the same one who got away with two swinging punches on Stortford players off the ball during the game.


Hopefully the rumour isn't true, or your man will be in big trouble.

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Well sorry Andy Walsh ive been 2 every game 4 the last 3 years and i think Willo is doing great. Anyway this is mine and JackWillo's conversation and not yrs. How long have u been watchin Ricay 4?


Anyway Jack nice of u 2 copy my signiture, u bas*ard.

Bring on the Hayes!

What do u think the team will be Jack?

I think:



Henty Moore Gilley Kerrigan

M.Graham Penn Willo R.Graham

Ansell Douglas


Subs: Fewings, Rantala, Morris, Wallace, Savidge

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lol yeh that Canvey game was gonna be classy hi baker sos for burrowin ure signiture but it was to easy i reakon the team will be like that to but Rantala should really be given a go, maybe as a sub if things arnt working out

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Sorry i did'nt mean 2 offend u !

How long have u been watchin "Ricay" 4 then?

I think Willo has not played as well as last year but he is doin o.k.

I just think that the management should play some other players such as Rantala or Fewings as they never give them a chance. And thats why Baker and Carthy left.

Also why did they kick Opara and Bubb out for getting red cards but Wallace has had 3 over the last couple of years and they still play him.

I wonder who they are going to play on saturday now we have all four players up front. My guess is Douglas and Ansell with Wallace on the bench with Fewings.


I will be interested 2 c yr reply Andy

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You didn't offend me. The first match I saw was in 1993 2-2 v Purfleet. I have followed the Blues since but have only gone to matches regularly in the last few years.

Williams is doing alright, but he seems to have lost a bit of confidence recently.

I agree Rantala and Fewings deserve more of a chance. Especially as Fewings recently scored against East Thurrock in the cup and Dagenham in the reserves. With Adedeji injured, Rantala should be in the team rather than Gilley who is more of a striker(although he has done ok).

We shouldn't have let Baker & Carthy leave, Opara was kicked out for not scoring enough goals and missing chances and Bubb was only on trial and failed to impress. Wallace has scored quite a few this season, but does seem to lose his temper.

You are probably right about Douglas & Ansell starting up front, but Wallace might play after his goal against Bishops Stortford.


Have you been to wwww.billericaytownfc.20m.com It has a preview of Billericay v Hayes if your interested.

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Yeah ive been on it quite a few times. Its a great site, well done.

I especialy like the match previews and the player ratings that u have added.


You know i am only 15 but i am thinking of making my own unofficial billericay website. If u would like i could help u a bit if u need help with match reports, etc. It would be nice to get some experience runing a website.


Loomking foward to yr reply.

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I didn't realise you were only 15, I am 19. Your help would be greatly appreciated especially with match reports for away games and any ideas for improvements or other things we could add to the site. Also do you know of any good links to add?

I started mine on www.20m.com with my brother who is also 19, it's quite easy to do if you wanted to start your own website and it's free.

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