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Top Five Years We Should've Won The World Cup

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Top Five Years We Should've Won The World Cup


1. 1990 - Waddle hits the post in Semi-Final extra time

2. 1970 - 2-0 up against the Germans. Lose 2-3

3. 1998 - Judas' goal disallowed against Argies

4. 1986 - Cheated out of Semi place by the Hand of a fat druggie

5. 2002 - Ponytailed [****!!****] once again fails to make a save from a 40-yard shot



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re 2002..my mate refused to watch any more of the game after the seaman (it was never a shot) fat twat incident.. he just leant over the bar and got pissed listening to the commentary and saying 'well we've [censored] it now' over and over again.. i personally hold seamen entirely responsible and found the sight of a 40 year old man blubbing over it at the end slightly distasteful

no disrespect to any arsenal fans ..


mind you i still havent forgiven beckham for the france fiasco so im probably not the best judge

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