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S.S. (?) Columbia


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So a piece of fuel insulation stuff, something off of the big orange tank the shuttle sits on when it takes off, broke off, damaged the wing, and the shuttle was doomed from the start. I had the mis-fortune of reading the Sun earlier, purely for literical gratification, and the paper went on about how the Shuttle was too old (22) and was falling apart etc etc. I read somewhere else that NASA expected Columbia, and possibly all it's 3 other shuttles, to 'live' to 100. Surely NASA can't be that wrong. Their shuttles can't be 78 years too early in old age, can they?


Was the Shuttle doomed from the start? Will we ever know the whole story?


Could this be the end of the Space Program as we know it?

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The looney one in Armageddon knew what he was talking about. Come to think of it, the looniest one always does.


Quite surprising that that kind of quote should come out of an American film, when you get so much propaganda crap about how great everything in America is including the space program. Apollo 13; God Bless America. Deep Impact and Armageddon; God Bless America. Independence Day; God Bless America.

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Films don't do it for me, to be honest. They're too long.


My boredom threshold is far too low for anything longer than about half an hour.


I watched Titanic once, and once Leo and Winslet had got it together I thought 'aah, nice film, that'.


Then for some reason there was about an extra 90 minutes afterwards with a load of special effects which bored the hell of me.


It kinda ruined it.



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i have to disagree.. the die hard trilogy are classics and in time wil be studied by sponging students alongside shakespeare and er.. other famous writers .. though i do tend to agree on most other films, pearl harbour is an affront to peoples intelligence, alongside anything with mel gibson in it.. braveheart? how about total bolloxheart!


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