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Promotion Predictions


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Hi folks,


Can't wait to see how this season pans out - so many teams still in contention to win the league outright, let alone the playoffs. I know this will be a lot harder to do for you guys as you're so close to the situation and probably dont want to jinx things, but who do you all think will go up - both automatically and via the play-offs.


My tips are as follows:-


Automatic: Hampton and Richmond Borough. (seem to have a pretty easy schedule and I just can't see them throwing it away).

Play offs: Wimbledon (Don't ask my why, I just have a sick feeling that they'll do it - they did get a lot of help mind you - why dont the FA just sponsor them!).


Obviously that's not exactly going to be the most popular prediction on the board, and I hope to god I'm wrong, but I can't wait to see how it pans out.


How about everyone else - and no fence sitting!

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There are four of us in with a reasonable shot at the title, with AFC & Margate fighting it out for the other play-off spot. H&R are best placed but I wont write off Chelmo or Bromerlee just yet. We're grinding out the right results one game at a time and thats all that can be asked.


Home Advantage in the Play-offs will be a tremendous boost. I don't think there's anyone we should fear at home although if it comes to that I'd prefer to avoid Chelmo as you could do without the extra "local derby" factor thrown in (although the gate would be terrific!).


Now, can I get off this fence coz it's hurting my [****!!****]!

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Cant see where H & R will drop the points to allow us in unfortunately as out of the top sides I have been least impressed with them , assuming that H & R do not implode then we must finish 2nd as I fancy us at NL against any of the others including the scummers , I hope your wrong Clydeman about Cheats as I would rather see the scummers go up.

In summation

Champions H & R

Play Off Winners : Town.

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Originally Posted By: The Town Crier

Que Sera Sera...

"What ever will be, will be,
we're going to win the... "


Note to self. Remain stoic frown
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