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Deaf ?

Big J R

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The Tiny Piano Player !


A man walks into a bar with a paper bag. He sits down and places the

bag on the counter. The bartender walks up and asks what's in the bag. The man reaches into the bag and pulling out a little man,

about one foot high, and he sets him on the counter.


He reaches back into the bag and this time pulls out a small piano, setting it on the counter as well.


He reaches into the bag once again and pulls out a tinypiano bench, which he placed in front of the piano. The little man sits down at the piano and starts playing a piece by Mozart.


"Where on earth did you get that?" Says the bartender.


The man responded by reaching into the paper bag, but this time he pulls out a magic lamp. He hands it to the bartender and says:


"Here. Rub it."


So the bartender rubs the lamp, and suddenly there's a gust of smoke,

then a beautiful genie is standing before him. "I will grant you one

wish," she says.


The bartender gets excited by having a wish from a real genie. He had always dreamed about it, but now it's actually happening. So

without even hesitating, he says: "I want a million bucks." So the

genie nods her head and disappears in another gust of smoke.


A few moments later, a duck walks into the bar. It is soon followed by another duck, then another. Pretty soon, the entire bar is filled with ducks. The bartender turns to the man and says: " Y'know, I think your genie's a little deaf. I asked for a million bucks, not a million ducks."


"I know" says the man "do you really think I asked for a 12 inch


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