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Oh What a Shame


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What a terrible terrible shame that we are at the end of an era.


This time next year the Ryman Prem will be a distant memory as will the teams we played this year.


I was going to eulogise about past battles and challenges talking in depth about the stresses and strains on a saturday or tuesday, looking at the individual challenges facing the players on the pitch, the struggles between striker and keeper. Defence and midfield, 4-4-2 or 5-3-2, but hey its easy innit.


Who the bloody hell has give us a game this year, early on finding feet and all that but at home this season who the hell can touch. I am begining to ask myself are we invisible. We certainly seemed that way against grays that week especially as that no 4 kept trying to walk right through our strikers.


Why am I not hearing more about our plans for next season, are we nervous come on its a formallity

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The problem could be the size of the gap between ourselves Shots and the rest

Been some reasonable footie played by the likes of B!stoke first time round and odd other teams

But the season could all end up with the big one versus the Shots and then we will discover which of us has it right

Are our new stars up for it when the biggger games happen and I do mean both sides new stars

Whatever it will be interesting

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Look boys this is Canvey we are talking about, we had a slight blip at the begining of the year, I have not seen a game since where I have felt if push comes to shove we could not pull it off. In fact at times it was poetic and at times I thought we were taking the P^^S playing head tennis.


It is time now that we start talking the team up and showing a little arrogance. We are after all to all to intents and purposes a conference side elect and our discussions need to be about building for next season, travel arrangements to Doncaster or wherever and we should go to as many of the dumps in our league as possible because it our last chance.



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Dunno about that! I'll take every game as it comes, Aldershot are the team in the best position, so until they slip up the league is there's. Confidence is okay, but arrogance just makes people laugh even louder should we not succeed.

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I'm with you on this one Glen. Mobrien is leading with our collective chin. There are one or two out there who would be only too happy to take a pop at us for such arrogance.


For myself, I am quietly confident. The campaign this year has been totally different from the previous two where we did the front running and others had to catch us. They did. Twice.


This season we have been sitting in the slip stream of the leaders and I have a feeling in my water that, as we round the last bend, we will be able to put on a spurt and take it. But you are right, it all depends on the leaders (surely it will still be Aldershot) taking a wobble. Farnborough didn't, nor did G&N.


But it all makes exciting footy.

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Got to say m'obrien, that i don't recall you on this site b4 about a month ago, no offence but we alll know that this will go to the wire, anyone who thinks differently is , to put it bluntly, WRONG! I believe we are the best footballing side in this division, however results are more important. Anyway, keep on the way we are and it will take a good team to finish above us.



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Oh Come on Boys! Stick your chin out we will win it and need to get as much nose rubbing in as possible. If we fail for the third year on thje bounce we will get the ribbing we deserve so standing up and being confident will make that no worse.


it also makes it all the sweeter when we do get there stand up and be counted.


Canvey The Isle


Are you are coming from afar, on a train or in a car on a bus or in a plane. You will find the scores the same.


Your watching Canvey play the game.


It will be neat and you will recieve a treat,

from the moment you take your seat.


After this nothing will be the same.

Like I said your at Park Lane


We are yellow we are blue

We are Canvey nice to meet you..


If a game you wish to see,

come and sit here along side me.


We are loud and we are proud and with 600 quite a crowd.


If you have come as a foe you will get F86k all when you go.


You must know your at Park Lane get of the fence its your time now in the conference.



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There's nothing like a good piece of well written poetry.


And that's nothing like a good piece of well written poetry.


Your profile doesn't say much about you Mobrien. Why don't you really stand up and be counted and identify yourself? Nothing to hide, have you?

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WH Smith's more like!!

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Identify myself! I am mobrien what more do you need to know. Other than I shall be at my usual spot behind the goal being kept warm by the steam coming off of nans burgers at every home game. Yellow hat on head kids in tow. Tonight will be no exception.

the only other relevant information is I would rather live next to Bin Laden than a ricay fan.



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