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Fans Focus - Non League football clubs
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EFM The Firm, The Voice

Jimbob's lyrics that are 50 time's better than John Lennon's Vol 1.

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Suicide isn't painless

It hurts like hell

Set aside for the famous

A little suicide sells<p>So nothing last's forever

Then nothing ever did

It's big but it's not clever

And it's really not that big<p>So no more tears

Your a big boy now

We'll have a few more beers

Sort it out somehow!

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From a great height actually!<p>Move it up to second base

Behind Nichollas Van Wots-is-face

Six foot six and a hundread tons

The undisputed king of the slums

More alias's than Claus Barbie

The master butcher of leigh-on-sea

Just about the take the stage

The one and only hold the front page.<p>Pisses all over

She loves you yeah, yeah, yeah

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