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Friday Night Booze

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im taking the missus out on saturday.. its the perfect time .. i dont do valentines out of principle so all the strokers will be in on sat having blown their dough on friday (except LAZ who can afford to go out every night) and all the pinko liberals will be stuck on the pinko liberal renationalised railtrack crap transport system

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Not managing to be caught up in the whole Clinton Cards day of love due to being single I made a choice to go to London as most of my friends were busy being ripped off with their other halfs.

However some bitter person (single as well I should imagine) decided to throw a railing onto the overhead power lines in the Luton area ensuring my valentines day was spent on St.Albans City platform.

However I feel better for it today as I'm at work on a Saturday morning and am surprisingly wide awake and not hungover.


Chubbhead if we're both single next year we'll send each other a card just to feel loved.

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