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Just wondering if anyone has any transfer news of players joining/leaving Ryman Prem clubs,obviously there are the two that have been put on the ryman forum already


Harry Elms from Waltham Abbey to AFC Hornchurch and

Chris Whelpdale from Billericay Town to Peterborough United For £35'000 (upto £50'000 depending on appearances)

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Here's a few more:


Chris Watters - Stalebuns to Boreham Wood

Robert Quinn - Ebbsfleet to Wombles

Jason Goodliffe - R & D to Wombles

Sam Hatton - Stevenage to Wombles

Phil Ruggles - Molesey to Carshalton

Kevin Warner - Staines to Wombles

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Originally Posted By: TRS
Hmmm, he can't be coming cheaply what with you having a miniscule budget and all grin

We had him on loan for a month or so, quite useful. Think he was playing for Thurrock at the time under McBride.

7 players took pay cuts last season to drop down and play for us and all four management team took not a shilling...and no I never thought I would see it but fair play to the loyalty that bridie demands and gets and fair play to us for winning the league so well with a fraction of the budget enjoyed by others....

crossy's tilbury being being the main culprits... duck bolt grin

we shall of course perform the same trick next season as we seek to gain a mid table spot with the smallest budget in the league.... grin

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