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Espanyol v Sevilla...

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...I thought it was the best game I have seen for a long time. Two teams from the same country(ish) prevented the fear factor, good skills, great goals and saves. Very few histrionics, cheating and ref baiting...to prove that La Liga is the best League in the world.....

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I agree.It was a good end to end game with both teams playing good football. applauseregarding La Liga as the best league in the world...well you'll have to show the medals for that and they may fell short of them beer2

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As our friends from Romford East keep saying, history is nothing (well it is you have some smile ). I was just talking as of now and yes I did say to no. 1 son before the commentator did...

The fact that two of their teams reached the secondary European final, is great testament to the strength and depth of the league.

Twas all good and no bad..


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English sides at the beginning of the seventies and italian sides through the eighties and nineties have done that,season after season.To say La Liga is the best league in the world or the Premiership is so and so,it's like saying that Rome is better than London or Paris and so on.

so here we go:

champions uefa fairs cup-winners cup supercup interc.

Italy 10 9 1 7 8 7

England 10 6 4 8 7 1

Spain 11 6 6 7 6 4


total wins for clubs excluding ac milan-liverpool

Italy 42

Spain 40

England 36


This is only for clubs...if we wanna go for national sides then it's even worse....for the Spaniards and the English! alk

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what's going on now? alki know it's hard to swallow but is the truth... grin tongue do you wanna me to show the statistics for world cups,european championships,olimpycs,under 21s,under 17s etc,etc....? beer2 grin

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