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Richard Stokes


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Was on the driving range on wednesday and had a walk around the ground. Its fckued, the main stand has 30% burns including a burnt out press box. The general state of the ground would need a 100 strong army of builders for a week to make it look half decent. As for the pitch, its only fit for cattle and they'd probably turn their noses up.

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I think the express has copied this article from about 6 months ago....


Nothing new .....


Wexham Park would cost about 100,000 to 150,000 pounds to put right and still would not be ours..so why bother with this site anymore...Byron could have left us play there for free at least we would have kept it upto standard and he got 47 arcres off the back of the club, giving us 5 years to find a new ground , while they charged us rent and expected us to keep the faclities upto a good standard...(which we did) now its been left to rot by those in charge at Wexham Park... and at every opportunity they try to undermine the football club about unpaid rent and gas bills....


Was 47 Acres of land not enough of a payment from the back of the broken football club....and its fans...for land that maybe in future be worth millions apon millions...


so its a no go....as far as i am concerned personally unless we are returned the stadium for our ownership and our use..then at the moment this is a non starter...


Chris Sliski - personally

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