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Canary Saint

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Was it really that bad ? Is there absolutely nothing positive to report ?


Even the match report was on the short side, so I'm assuming that the negatives far outweigh the positives.


Out here in HK I need to know. What's going wrong and what needs to be done to fix it?


Sensible answers only please..........and let's be positive.

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HKS, have a look at 'Awayday's match report, that sums it up pretty well. For me, the midfield was all wrong, Oakes didn't look happy on the left side playing somewhere between Naylor and Lodge in the first half, but it was better when we reverted to 4-4-2. Young showed promise, Crawshaw tried hard without success and Oakes showed flashes of what he is capable of towards the end but that was about it. The passing was fairly abysmal and the committment was clearly lacking. Sorry to be so negative but it just wasn't good enough.

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I don't know anything about football.


For me, Young is an attacking right-sided midfield player, whose pace will cause the opposition problems. However, he is not going to dominate the right side of the pitch in our half but that's probably not his job. Challinor is a busy hard tackling midfield player. Oakes is a high class footballer but don't expect blood, sweat and sinew. From Cookie's programme notes. Lodge was a left-back at Boston but to me, he showed quality going forward from the midfield against Enfield but didn't look the part defensively. No work-rate against Woood. In fairness, perhaps he didn't quite know what he was supposed to be doing in that position. Hyatt had a good game against Enfield but not against Woood.


Those 5 don't seem to 'fit' somehow.


Then we have Naylor at left back who after a very good first half to the season has not had a good last 6 weeks or so. The only right back at the club is injured. Ryan does a job there and, for me, a better job in that position than Evans.


On Saturday, the number of speculative long balls from our third of the pitch was staggering. Everyone was guilty of it including Hyatt. Now why do they do that? Why not keep it on the ground, short stuff, through the midfield? Is it a confidence thing? I can't believe that Cookie tells them to go out and play the long ball game.


From what I've seen so far I think that Kean is better than Lodge going forward or defensively [in the midfield]. He's also better than Young defensively but Young looks more threatening going forward based largely on his pace. Young put in 3 or 4 crosses on Saturday which were poor.


So HKS. There is my view of some of the problems but Solutions? I don't know anything about football.






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Hi AFF, isn't football a wonderful game? One day we're totally depressed, we can't play football, we doubt the managers (and the coaches) credentials for the job and then BINGO. We beat K's (a blinding result by the way) and we're talking about winning the league again and everything's rosy.


What was the difference ? I've read the report from our eight legged friend, but I'd like to gain an understanding of how it all happened from someone totally unaffected, someone who know's nothing about football.


Aren't we football fans fickle.

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What do you mean "we", paleface?


My earlier message on this thread was a very short summary of elements of the team's play over the past few weeks and the last couple of games in particular in response to your request for a view. I've re-read my message and I can't quite see where I syggested that 'we can't play football', or 'we doubt the managers and the coaches credentials'.


There is a huge difference between commenting on Cookie's team selection or chosen formation and suggesting that he doesn't know what he's doing.


Similarly, the ability of individual players. I have become a fan of Oakes over the past couple of months but if I was the Manager, I wouldn't select him to play at centre-back, nor would I expect to see much sweat on his brow at the end of the game. If I didn't get what I expect out of him and what I know he is capable of, then I would sit down with him quietly after the game and discuss the fine detail of his performance and my expectations. Then I would kick his ass. Ditto Martin. Ditto Slinn. Ditto Lodge. Ditto Naylor. No. Wait. I wouldn't kick Dominic's ass.


Yes, you football fans are fickle.

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Apologies AFF, I wasn't suggesting that YOU doubted anyone's credentials, merely that it had been mentioned earlier in this, and other threads and that from the doom and gloom of yesterday, we're now positive again.


If I caused offence, I can only apologise deeply and sincerely.


Now that we've got that over with is there any chance that we can attempt to understand what made the difference last night.


I've got a bit of a tan actually........


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TLT summed it up accurately when he said something to the effect that it was a great result but not a great performance.


4-4-2 has to be right until we sign a couple of wing-backs when they are made available for transfer by their clubs in the Carling Premiership. The 3-5-2 thing should be binned.


There was still a lot of speculative long balls last night. We started to get shots on target.


Perhaps Cookie did kick ass after Saturday.


As far as the rest of the season is concerned, yes we can win the League. It's how we play over the next three or four games as well as the results that will tell. The way we have played over the last three or four? No chance.


Loads of time yet.

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