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Having had time to reflect on Hockton leaving at least it will mean someone else being captain. We never really looked the part under his captainship. Also, if the chips were down he tended to get a bit sulky and lazy and we were too reliant on him I feel. So some new blood up front could be beneficial. My concern is can we lure players in as they'll have heard time and time again about the big things happening at Hartsdown but nothing seems to take off.

On the subject of the five a side pitches I see in todays Gazzette talks are to take place with the council re. these. Why the f*ck then do we announce a definate start date ( as with the stadium build last season ) and then end up back at the negotiating table every time. Is it the club or the council-either way it's making us look very unprofessional, or in my terms-a [****!!****] joke. It must jeopardise the clubs image to people watching events-including potential players. SORT IT OUT!

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Agree totally with you WB - never thought DH should have been captain and yes, he did get lazy and sulky at times!


As for TDC, nothing ever changes, have always been pretty crap at their job....

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Originally Posted By: Rob_Butler
The only way to get support by the council would be to merge.

Old news Rob

Been there many occasions over the years and when suggested by either club the Council were the ones stopping it.
They only supported the Thanet Utd idea as it came about from their official lying to us then back peddled fast
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Because merging with the biggest bunch of liers and thieves in the country would be such a soooooo good idea...



































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I just think now it is what the council want.

With Westwood being developed and a lack of sporting facilities in the district a Princes Park type complex would solve a lot of problems. With Southwood being in a prime housing area they probablly want us out and with you building a new stadium the best thing for them would be for one stadium or one club on the island.

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With backhanders into their pockets!!!

Just pisses me off all the crap they say about the area being regenerated but Margate High Street is dead and the new housing and shops that might go on the Dreamland site will be filled with bloody Poles.

The twat from the Dreamland redevelopment company who claimed WRONGLY that the high speed rail link would cut times from London to an hour is a cretin. The 98 minutes it will take also brings you to Kings Cross......bloody useless for me in the Docklands.

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