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Any news/gossip/thoughts

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on an embryonic ESL constitution for next season anyone?


another at the moment thinks -





Basildon United

Beaumont Athletic

Bowers & Pitsea

Burnham Ramblers


Concord Rangers

Eton Manor

Hullbridge Sports


London APSA


Sawbridgeworth Town

Southend Manor



16 clubs as last season

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Originally Posted By: ronin
The F.A. should be making a decision on Chatham Towns ground soon (deadline is today), if they fail Ilford will be back into the Ryman.

As Chatham Town are in Isthmian Div 1 South, how does that affect Ilford who should be relegated from Div 1 North?
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Reverting back to the original subject of this thread and according to another's latest it appears that Ilford might have been reprieved from a drop from level 4 to 5 because of ground grading decisions elsewhere.


This could leave the ESL with 15 teams for next season which is a joke and I hope that the National League's Committee or whatever they call themselves have something better in mind for our county based league in 2007/8.


Having said that three games between each of these 15 teams could give us 42 for the season which equals the 2 x 22 club fixture list in most other leagues at our level and would provide for a more interesting season of football.

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Did you read in the NLP today what the new Unibond 1N and 1S are doing to give them extra meaningful games for their 18 team leagues next season.


Sets an FA precedent for other leagues with under 22 teams too.


Why not the ESL Mr Chairman?

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