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Some More Pic's

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And a couple to remind us of just how good Chris Whelpdale is!!!


















Shame I didn't change the lens for the last one of the "Shoe Army". One player that always avoids the camera is Leon Hunter...which is a shame because he had a brilliant season as well...


Here's one of the midfield "work horses" at Tonbridge tho...




and another




And I HAVE found one of Leon...




And lets not forget, Matt Game




Now all I need to do next season is to rove around the ground to get some decent pictures of the other players...perhaps I can keep up with Simon as he navigates around the pitch's next season wink


Phew...memories eh? Well, enough of looking backwards...


Ever onwards with the Blues!!!






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It started at Margate...I belive the adverstising boards were taking a pounding and then someone took their shoe off...and the rest is history...


Not to my taste but I'm not going to knock it if it keeps the noise up and gets people behind the team...why knock it.

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One of the League One clubs did something similar this year....I think it was Cheltenham...something like..


Shoes Off, If you love John Ward

Shoes Off, If you love John Ward

Shoes Off-------If you love John Ward

Shoes Off, If you love John Ward



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Originally Posted By: Greg_Dyke
some very good pictures...

Is there a reason behind this Shoe Army stuff ?

I mean---why ?

As Gazza pointed out..It started down at Margate..During the second half we could hear the Margate choir with their drums...Now as none of us possess such things (cept Ricken guitars) the first obvious fun chant back was "they go crash bang wallop" .....Well it was damn cold down the far end that night, so what better than to warm the cold hands grin than to take our shoes off (dont ask why) !! ....this then progresses to starting to bang the hoardings and chanting "Who needs drums, we've got shoes etc"....Anyway, at the next game (as we did not have to contend with any drummers) smile it seemed a good idea crazy to start a "shoe army" chant....We have a good laff doing this...Next season no doubt there will be another variation to our crazy antics...BRA Army !!!! wink

By the way Gaz....great snaps of the lads on the pitch.
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