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O/T Todays Sunday People


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There is a very entertaining two page spread in the People today entitled 'Sun Scroungers' about some lovable Margate residents who have got the town branded 'Sicknote-on-Sea'.

Though I did not recognise anyone there, a Bob Ward who is on incapacity benefit claims he earns 3 grand a week cleaning windows at £2.50 a pop and also handing out cards for prostitutes.

In all fairness the article is a poor advert for the town and you will either be furious at the scroungers or amused at the lies like Bob Wards. If he is telling the truth though I want to find out how to apply for a 'Hooker Card Hander Outer' position as I quite fancy 3 grand a week!!!



PS. The pub that features in the article, The Doggett Coat and Badge, use to be run by an 80's Margate (Thanet United to be precise) legend. Can anyone other than Jeff Trice name him?

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