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America's Cup....

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For those that care............New Zealand lost the seventh and deciding race.

I hope the rumours aren't true, that Westie jumped overboard, and drowned, and that's why he hasn't posted of late!





In all seriousness......Congratulations Westie on keeping us informed of the races, even though nobody was interested..........That takes guts! applause applause applause

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Grant Dalton: "we'll I wouldn't say I'm buzzing, I'm disapointed... yes great race I suppose but we didn't come here to compete we came here to win and we're vey disapointed not to do that and bring it home


"Made some mistakes, won't debate the (penalty) decision that's how they saw it"


"Well done to Alinghi though, they got the job done and sailed a great race."


"Our supporters have made us so much stronger, they've been amazing, been with us right the thorugh and makes us so proud to be New Zealanders. Its.... (gets choked up) "



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