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I've recently had a couple of e-mails asking for more information on the history of St. Albans City.<p>1. "As a past player I was interested to see your well designed and user

friendly web site. However I was disappointed to see that under the heading

Club History, you only referred to the early history about the clubs

foundation etc. Fascinating as it was I was hoping to see more recent

history i.e. How the club progressed through the various leagues and some of

its more outstanding performances.<p>I was selfishly looking to see if you made reference to the best ever FA Cup

run, in which I was privileged to play. Sadly no mention of the recent past

performances, incidents, besotted supporters, directors, managers etc.<p>Maybe this is an idea for the development of the site?<p>Ian Plumley"<p>2. "Hi<p>I am currently looking into my family tree and and my elderly aunt has given

me a small medallion (her fathers) with the inscription: St Alban F.C.

1906-7 on one side and SLCL H Dover inscribed on the other side. I realise

this is a long shot but I wondered if you had any information on him or the

team at that time. I've seen your website and have read the few details of

that era there. For instance, why did things slump between 1904-1907?

Maybe I dont want to know smile.gif" border="0 <p>I'd appreciate anything at all...if you dont have the records or the time

involved..no problem.<p>kind regards

Roxanne Robertson"<p>The second mail refers to Harry Dover.<p>I know that DT and Peter have lots of information but I don't have contact details, maybe someone could pass this on to them?

I have asked before but if anyone has any history information, however small, and would like it put on the site please contact me.<p>Thanks<p>Mark

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Wow, Ian Plumley !!

I still remember a brilliant save he made at Ware in a league game about 1982 i think. Quality keeper, his dad was chief exec at Watford, and his brother played for Newport County in their league days if i remember correctly.

Mark, im sure DT is on the case.

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