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Colin Zeal EFM


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of course you CAN. this kind of behaviour CANnot be tolerated but i CAN see that this is getting silly now. CANt you all just forget the incident and lay off the CANtankerous attitudes that now pervade this forum. a CANyon has opened up between fellow fans, surely if you CANvas opinion on the terraces you CAN see no one wants to carry on down this road. speaking CANdidly if i may you have got yourselves up shitecreek with no paddles in your CANoe. fluffy coat boy has shown extreme CANdour since the event but is still being treated as CANnon fodder by some fans. this CAN of worms is becoming a CANker in the clubs fan base but im sure you CANny chaps CAN all be CANoodling again soon


regards CANv

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