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Match Report Up From Todays Game On farnboroughtow

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offline Guest__*

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Just click the link below.

offline Alan W (GNFC)

Alan W (GNFC)
  • National Squad - 2nd XI
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  • Joined: 23 Dec 2001
Quote from the report :- "Essandoh got the home side's second in the 78th miuute as he rose at the back post to powerfully head the ball in off the near post." ??

It wasnt what I would have called a powerful header and bounced up off the ground and in off the bar !!

Makes one wonder about the rest of the report !

offline Lager Top

Lager Top
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  • Joined: 16 Feb 2003


offline Dougofthefleet

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  • Joined: 25 Sep 2003
The one on the official site is almost as bad too

offline Alan W (GNFC)

Alan W (GNFC)
  • National Squad - 2nd XI
  • Posts: 3,873
  • Joined: 23 Dec 2001
The Nationwide match report is more reasonable. Cant understand Vic Searle's supposed comment though, that no-one seemed to know why Donovan had been sent off !! Everyone saw his flykick in Moore's direction, for which a red card was the only reasonable judgment.

As to what caused the reaction, I didnt see, although, if it was an elbow in his face, I certainly wouldnt condone the Fleet player involved either (seemingly Moore, although Lee/Skinner are also mentioned in the report on the Farborough site). And it was also silly of Moore to applaud after the incident - not quite sure why he did that??


offline Nick Boy

Nick Boy
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  • Joined: 5 Mar 2004
Oh well just another day, 2-0 to the Fleet thats all the matters

offline smithyman

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  • Joined: 27 Jan 2003
Yet again...we are a tall, physical team who win with a lot of luck. Do these teams really expect us to go back to the old days when Darren Smith for example was one of our taller players?!! As for physical, I think we have woken up to the fact that we have to 'mix it' to do well. We are not the only team in the conference who do this and i challenge any fan or manager of any other team to say differently.

Yesterday, I thought the ref made a whole series of poor decisions and whilst we might have benefitted from the more crucial decisions, the balance of for and against was about even.

I also think for Farnborough fans to focus solely on our behaviour is hopelessly one sided. It was one of those niggly games where minor fouls were being committed by both sides and free kicks won for nothing all the way through and it was inevitable that something was going to boil over sometime. I will admit I didn't see whether Moore, Lee or Skinner hit the Farnborough player and obviously neither did the ref or linesman but both those people saw the Farnborough player retaliate and he got what he deserved.

I think that the Farnborough fans ought to think hard about the game and acknowledge that they were lucky not to lose about 6-0 had our finishing been even marginally better.

offline The Doctor

The Doctor
  • First XI - Weekly Contract
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  • Joined: 11 Feb 2002
It was matt lee who got involved and raised his arms or even a fist to a farnborough players face, if an official had seen it, Lee would have walked. but no doubt about The number 2 red, he tried running away from the ref, because when the fracas started, he ran back up to the halfway line.

offline Jessica

  • First XI - Weekly Contract
  • Posts: 461
  • Joined: 17 May 2002
As you say. always loads of moans about how we won. How physical we were etc etc.

of course the F/Borough forward certainly did not need his diving boots, he fell over so easily and so many times, I thought perhaps the side of his backside would have keep't him more on his feet.

It was a niggly game, but the F/Borough players we moaning amongst themselves almost from the whistle, with the Chairman/Manager moaning and saying to anyone who would listen that we GNFC were rubbish.

Once again, a team beaten, not even ready to admit that if we had taken all our chances it could well have been 6 or 7.

Still that's for them to decide, GNFC won again and we have proved to all these teams that we can win away and at home. That we have improved on our position last season, and hopefully will do the same next. But at least we will be there of right and not simply because another team decided not to join the Conference.

offline FourFourTwo

  • Reserves
  • Posts: 148
  • Joined: 6 Oct 2003
I think it says it all that Farnborough have the worst disciplinary record in the Conference. How can they criticise the way we play?

offline John@TheFleet

  • Reserves Coach
  • Posts: 1,592
  • Joined: 14 Jul 2003
How does it feel to support the 'Millwall of Non-league football'? No-one likes us, and we don't care. If other teams can't take defeat on the chin then stuff 'em, in fact stuff the bloody lot of them. I personally couldn,t care if we became the most unpopular team in the Conference (providing we're not already. If it's a choice between being nice and being loved or being successful then I choose the latter. Stuff 'em all!

And Farnborough, we're better than you, that's why you're 3rd from bottom and we're 11th.

offline smithyman

  • Reserves
  • Posts: 149
  • Joined: 27 Jan 2003
Farnborough's disciplinary record is nothing to do with them - it's all down to biased referees and cheating opposition!

offline UP FLEET

  • First XI - Sub
  • Posts: 1,201
  • Joined: 11 Jan 2003
Graaaaavesssssssseeeenndd no one likes us we dont care,we are gravesend from stonebridge road...........

offline EUFC FAN

  • First XI - Weekly Contract
  • Posts: 531
  • Joined: 10 Jan 2004
I don't believe that the genuine fans of the clubs we have played hate us. Most fans of these clubs seem to hate their neighbours. I have not been to many away games this season, but the ones I have been to the home fans have been friendly and supportive before and after the games. I can understand Farnborough fans being upset as the future as a Conference side is uncertain. Three may still go down if the promotion place is offered to the team finishing second the league with the club who cannot be promoted (I forget their name). The Northwich game may generate a similar response on their forum after the game (assuming we win), but by then their fans may have accepted the inevitable.

By my calculations, we are unbeaten since the 14 February. Not bad for a crap side.

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