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Kinnock - what a total sh*t!

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offline Big J R

Big J R
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Mark asks:- [color:"blue"] "Bush, Dr Harold Shipman, Blair - Whats the difference?"
Simple answer is, that although I don't agree with all Blair and Bush's policies, they are attemting to find world peace, NOT world domination as you suggest. By your definition Mark, Adolph Hitler was quite justified in his 'final solution'. In fact, we sat back on that one, because we knew about the extermination camps LONG before we did anything about it.

Harold Shipman killed purely for pleasure. (probably in excess of 200). He had to feel he was in some sort of control. At least he did the decent thing in dying !

Pleased this hasn't turned into a 'slanging match', because although I don't share in your beliefs, Mark, I will defend your right to freedom of speech until my dying day. Something incidently, that never existed under Saddam !

offline mala_D

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Simple truth: Bush and Blair invaded Iraq on an entirely different pretext than the one they are claiming now. War was illegal and not even morally justifiable.

Ulterior motive: To export "democracy" [laughable] and to install a regime which is compliant to the West. esp in relation to the Black Gold.

Irony: If treated the right way Saddam was more likely to be a friend of the West than an enemy. Iraq was not an Islamic State...but "free elections" (when they eventually occur) could make that more likely.

Genocide: What are Bush and Blair doing to prevent the genocide being committed in Africa? Nothing. Why? There's nothing of equitable economic worth in Northern Somalia, and geo-politically the region is considered a "backwater".

offline pabird

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All getting carried away here chaps, we went to war as invaders on a deliberate lie
But lets be a little bit logical if the country concerned had no oil (Iraq 2nd biggest oil field in the world) or had been big enough to handle itself (N-Korea-China-Sudan-Zimbabwe etc etc) be 100% assured we would not have gone in
We failed to supply the right men (under trained) or the right equipment and it was only due to the training of the British troops that we came through as well as we did
Bliar thought there was an Argie type Maggie glory to be had and we are now faced with a regular drip drip of our troops being killed in both un-managable countries I.E. Afganistan and Iraq.
Saddam a vile evil piece of sh-one-t but who is next?? if we take the moral high ground
The UN is one useless talk shop but in the long term the armies of the rich through the coordinated services of a single body such as the UN is the only way, I should live so long

offline Mark (Flag) Braintree

Mark (Flag) Braintree
  • Youth Team Coach
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Agree with you Mala, Pabird.

RE: War was because of Oil.
Plus retaliation for 11/9. (Sad event, but retaliation is just as bad)

I was thinking the world is like a schoolyard.

USA are the School Bully, you play by my rules, I own the playground. If you don't I will beat you up. The Usa is a bit of coward he only picks on the weak, set him up with a lad like the Chinese lad and he would cr@p himself. Usa is the worst kind of school bully.

Uk are the Sheep, who follow the bully as they are scared the bully will turn on him and give him a right kick in. Plus the Bully keeps saying to the sheep I backed you up, you MUST back me up.

Iraq and Afghanastan, have to be beaten up by the bullies. The bully tells lies to get the neutral kids on the block to back them, but the neutrals are very clever.

Holland, France, Germany, Belgium, these are the neutrals they are very clever they can speak 5 languages they don't believe the lies of the bully and know they want the riches from the Iraq kids and don't want to be a part of it.

Like all School bullys, once they leave School and meet up with the people they have tormented. Justice will be done.

Morale, don't bully.


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offline pabird

  • First XI - Permanent
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Mark I do have political views but on this occassion my thinking was simply along the logical process as to why decisions had been made
I am not an American hater nor am I a peacenik its just that the Iraq scenario was a tissue of lies and a huge gamble with the lives of our fighting forces from word go

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