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4 weeks porridge for the vicar

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offline AFF

  • National Squad - 1st XI
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  • Joined: 20 Dec 2001
The Invisible man can speak for himself, pabird but your question is based on a false premise.

The Labour party politicians are interested initially in power. And retaining it. Forget 'The Red Flag' and all that stuff. Old hat, old chap. Once in power, there are plenty of opportunities to abuse it, of course. And I'm not talking about freebie holidays with Sir Cliff or discounts from Chanel and goodie bags at Armani.

I assume you know that Goebbels Campbell, having resigned as the Number 10 Media & Communications Adviser on a Friday [Salary £120,000 or thereabouts per annum of yours and my money], turned up to the office on Monday morning as an 'Unofficial Adviser' [Consultancy fee ??p.a. of yours and my etc. etc.]

I wonder if he claimed his Consultancy fees from Tone during his successful tour down-under as Media Adviser to the British Lions? Another unblemished success. I'd love to have heard his team talk to t'lads prior to the Otago match, or whichever it was. ["It's an odd-shaped ball but I'm sure you guys know what to do with it. England expects....oops sorry chaps...the folks back home want to see that fighting spirit that conquored the world and established the Empire....oops sorry chaps....Remember Bannockburn.... err... Cromwell's march through ...oops. Tone says good luck and stand by for the Reception at Number 10 if you win and capture the hearts and secure the votes of 4 countries."

More accurately, I'd love to have been in the room for the 10 minutes or so after he left it.


offline pabird

  • First XI - Permanent
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  • Joined: 9 May 2002
From your comment we may see Tony Bliars biggest win being the death throes of all those true red social minded socialist, I always respected them for their conviction but could not agree on their basic means of raising the cash for all those good concerns
After "New Labour" what should the evolving labour party call itself?
"opportunist Co-operative" maybe

offline The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man
  • National Squad - 1st XI
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I'm fine, pabird, trust you are too. Quite agree about the over -65s, though they're probably soon to be over 67s then over 70s - I fear they're moving the retirement age up faster than I can catch up with it! I would not describe a decent pension as a handout, nor as a reward (as after all they were only working for a wage for themselves, not to build a better Britain) but the practice of a fair and balanced civilization providing an income for those for whom paid work is no longer appropriate. Surely it is reasonable for everyone to look forward to enjoying a pleasant and well-earned retirement, hopefully with the good health to be able to enjoy it? No they should not have to apply for supplementary benefits, as I say the pension should be adequate in the first place.

To be honest pabird, my answer to your question is that I haven't the faintest idea, but I don't think they can, want or need to! I fear that British politics are no longer based on ideology, but simply the desire to win at all costs, with the cult of the personality prevailing into the bargain. This applies to all mainstream parties - even the good old Lib Dems, who used to have so many admirable policies, seem to have sold out and are joining the sordid scrap - privatise the Royal Mail indeed!

offline pabird

  • First XI - Permanent
  • Posts: 2,981
  • Joined: 9 May 2002
(as after all they were only working for a wage for themselves, not to build a better Britain)
Not what they were told Invis, they were told that the money paid as NI would ensure an acceptable level of income on retirement, not that those struggling on the basic pensionwould have to complete an Incomprehensible form or two to gain one of Mr Browns Hand-outs to survive
There has never been a more vicious party in power in dealing with its senior citizens, dignity is for the rich which must be one of the saddest reflections on where Brown and Bliar have taken socialism in the UK

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