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Big J R

What the fuc................

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..k is Bernice Ecclescake's problem ?


The poison dwarf, not content with ripping the McClaren team apart last season has now suggested that McClaren, and especially Lewis Hamilton might be excluded from next seasons F1 calender.


Get a life short-@rse !! Hamilton is the King in waiting.


Ban him and you can kiss your little F1 earner goodbye !!

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Why the surprise?...........He is firmly in Ferraris pocket.

He will bend over sideways, backways, and anyways, to make sure they keep winning Championships!



Renault guilty of spying.........No penalty?

Another example of one rule for Mclaren, no rules for anyone else!

Max Mosley, is behind a lot of this!

I once threw Tomatoes at his father.....I'm digusted to say I missed!

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there is no way Hamilton will ever be banned from F1 he is too much of a money earner for F1 and will be advertising everything in a few years time so no wonder he moved to switzerland to avcoid higher taxes lol tongue as for ecclestone belonging to ferrari i don't think that's neccessarily true however their is a lot of bias in F1 towards the ferrari team although next season it will make no difference as the MClaren team are going to smash them if Hamilton doesn't bottle it again!!

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