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predicted attendance v Heybridge


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how many there today.

well done guys-and girls who went.


I would still go if more local;but have to confess i was planning an away trip to Harrow,for a final fix before the summer but can't really see the point now.

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After today, even I am beginning to doubt whether there is any point going next week. And this is coming from somone who still managed to find heart to travel down to Ashford every week during a season in which there were almost NO positives. We were awful today - the game was a dreadful advert for non-league football and will certainly not draw in the fans.

Having said that, I'm sure I'll still be there next week - along with about 230 others.

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I shall be there next week as well, but I have to say that the two highlights for me today were the little mascot lad who clearly enjoyed his day, and deserves support given his illness, and the marching band! They performed well for nothing today - those who were paid (including a poor referee who failed to spot a blatant penalty in the first half) didn't earn their money....to a man - ironic, isn't it?! Very poor, with Pinns just scraping MOTM for me.

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Can't the club see that RT is responsible for the dwindling attendances.


its not just the losses and poor performances-no-one can see where the man is taking us apart from further down.


100 on the attendances over the last 8 games say ,must have cost the club about

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