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Tube Strike

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I see the tube strike is coinciding with the President's Cup Final on Monday the 7th April at Staines. What's the chance of it been moved to a different date so that the supporters and players can actually get to the game?

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The train drivers strike was called off last week.


Also Staines is a long way from any tube....


"Their members will walk at 6.30pm on Sunday April 6 and return to work at 6.30pm the following Wednesday." - Quote from sky News.


I dont write the news, i only make it. Also, tube is still the prefered and quickest way of getting across London to main line stations to places like Staines.



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I never known anybody to be greedy [****!!****] as london underground they get good money as it is and strike all the time becasue they have a strong union and can bring london to a stand still


Tube strike starts April 6th btw

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