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The Mad One

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You can come again no matter WHAT the score.You certainly tried to keep the draw sequence going though didn't you? l.o.l.

Luckily the referee decided 90 minutes was up to stop that. wink laugh

Melvins other comment was the best of the day I thought.He said "Hey stop this,we're playing football".At times we played very well but its that defence.What a shocking one.

Now then,back to you "young" lady. See you next home game...yes.?

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Originally Posted By: TonyM
Hey Tone,Nicky says can she be there as well?

Wow,yes please but I don't think I would be able to cope with TWO beaut's there Tone. But lets give it a go anyway eh? wink smile
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Of course will be there have the bug now......and how could i miss the banter, the fact that Nicky is going and the look on Cookies face when we are both standing there.... bigshock


Defence is shocking your right and it will need sorting out but....it makes a good game lol and keeps just for men in business hahahaha



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