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tonights result

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0-0 at HT then Jordan Tolan gives Bowers the lead with about 18 mins to go. Basildon equalise through Jordan Cox with 8 mins left on the clock.


With the seconds counting down, Bowers break forward and the flag goes up for offside. The ref not seeing the offside flag gives a foul against Basildon on the edge of the area. The Basildon contingent scream at the ref to draw his attention to the lino's flag, but the lino has now put his flag down, seemingly having changed his mind.


Jordan Tolan steps up to dispatch the free kick, brilliantly, into the corner of the net, with what turned out to be the final kick of the game.


Believe it or not, the ref and the lino both apologised to the Basildon management afterwards, saying the lino should have kept his flag up as the ref admitted he hadn't seen it.


Cruel luck on Basildon, well done Bowers!



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One of the worst decisions that I have seen and quite aptly described by a Bees fan as "lino, you've left your @rsehole back there on the side-line."


Where do we get these officials from? I know it's said that without officials we wouldn't have a game. Is that neccesarily a bad thing?


I noticed that even the poison dwarf was muted in his celebrations.

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Decisions for you and decisions against you throughout the season by referees even themselves out,human error is part of the game of football players do it and referees do it as well,some go for you and some go against you,a draw would have been a fair and just result last night,its tough at the top,but its tougher at the bottom,when teams are struggling at any sport decisions always seem to go against them,basildon battled well last night and got stuck in from the off,didnt let bowers settle on the ball from the start of the game, basildon's work rate was good last night,but sadly one bad decision by the referee cost them a point last night.

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Originally Posted By: Beeswax
any thoughts rookie?

If im honest beeswax, although you are absolutely right in what you have said, as the manager of the boys i have to look at where we are going and not where the lino are ref are going(which is by the way nowhere). The last few weeks has shown that we are finally moving forward. Our performance last night was something i'm pleased with and the boys are working hard on their efforts. As for John Doyle(i assume thats who you meant) he might of been muted at the end of the game but he was his usual charming self thoughout. As for decisions evenen themselves out over the season i,m not sure but thats hard to accept at the sticky end of performances like that of the referee and lino last night.
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