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Garry Hill

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Heres a little story for you, i met a essex girl in Spain on Monday night I said I was from St.Albans and she said do you know Garry Hill, after explaining I did she exclamied that he has lived two doors down from her all her life!

What a small world!

She didn't like me refering to him as the bald bailiff from essex appartently he doesn't go round to people houses and is just a debt collector!

Oh well!


But there was also a girl from manchester who knew Clint Boon and the Fab Cafe and that impressed me a lot more!


Oh yeah and a girl from Hadfeild (AKA Royston Vasey) where they film the leauge of gentlemen.


<small>[ 30 May 2002, 05:22 PM: This message was edited by: EFM The Firm, The Voice ]</small>

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I had been under the impression that this man had retired from the world of bashing grannies' kneecaps to become the full-time manager of Dagenham. If this is the case, what was he doing this morning at my work discussing... well... nothing to do with being the manager of Dagenham? Is he moonlighting? Or, has the lack of promotion forced The Daggers back to the twilight world of part-time football? I think we should be told. Maybe it was a provisional measure brought in by them after the collapse of the ITV digital deal. Wouldn't have applied to them, anyway...

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Hi Trev.


There was an article in the Non-League Paper a couple of weeks before the end of the season when The Great One was quoted.


[No, he didn't refer to Pre-Contract Agreements having been signed or players committing their future to The Daggers etc. etc..]


He was talking about the pressures of Management generally in The Conference and, potentially, in Div.3. [Pressure? They don't know the meaning of the word, these people. He should try my job.] He said that it was becoming a "full-time job" and that he may have to consider his position prior to next season, regardless of promotion.


Reading between the lines, I suspect that he was in Pre-Contract Agreement negotiations with his Chairman at the time.


Anyway. I don't think that he ever gave up his day job.

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