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Woody SUFC

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What has happened to it? A few years ago we used to have a good club with events most months and rasing cash whilst having a good time. How about we start these up again? I'm sure places like the Stag and Hounds would be willing to do race nights like before, the reason i say the stag is your more likely to get other people down which should raise more cash.


Seeing as the Stag and Hounds advertise their saturday Entertainment as Windsor and Eton FC Supporters Bar i'm sure they'd welcome it!!!


Perhaps the money raised could go towards the funbus to truro or COVER for the Punto stand wink

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Woody, I am sure it would not be a problem to start it all up again, although it hasn't really stopped.


I am all for events, as they were always good fun.


As for having them in the Stag, I think that is sort of a bad idea. The whole reason we have these events is to raise money for the club and that includes bar revenue. I know in the past we have held events over in the Stag but that was because they used to have a great system with all the race night and quiz's pre-loaded and I believe that was taken out when Bill Dunlop left the pub.


To hold a race night there is no reason why we could not have it in the clubhouse as the cost of the discs and tickets is less than

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I understand your point about the football club Malc but at the end of the day people don't really like going down there. Your really struggle to get any outside interest if you hold a event down the club, your just get the same dozen or so people turning up as usual. It

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