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Team v Toooting & Mitcham


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My team would be the following:




Semanshia Duncan Cole Dumas


Ferguson Hunter Dormer Wareham


Flack Bricknell



Subs: A keeper, Alaile, Heffer, BWG, J West



I think that Flack needs to replace BWG for the Tooting game as i dont really think he is a striker, i much prefer him on the wing when he can run at players. I would also have Jack West on the bench to give us a different option if needed, was dissapointed he wasnt on the bench on Saturday (assuming he was available for selection?). Strange selction regarding the subs on Sat IMO as we had 3 defenders and 1 striker. Although alaile is a good player i feel that we would have been better bringing in another midfield player as if Leon or Dorms are injured then we only have Steve Heffer who can cover that position and he isnt really a natural centre midfield player although he does do a job for us. Also we have players such as neil marron, sam west and robbie blackwell who can cover us at the back if needed. By the way i loved Mr Cole's departure from the pitch when subsituted on Saturday, great pair of pants they were!!

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So who is the keeper on the bench? I am a bit surpised that both Ronnie and Jack are out on loan. At this stage of the season a goalie injury during the game could be a big moment with potential for lost points.


We are lucky to have such talented youngsters who obviously need some regular football BUT if we have faith in both of them it is never going to work for us because there is not room at the Club for 3 keepers. Tony Tucker has performed well but again if Ronnie and Jack are rated so highly why didn't we stick with them in the first place.


I seem to recall we did this last season with Ronnie when he went to Aveley. I know the management have a much deeper insight into players qualities than we do but IMO we have a habit of nurtering excellent young players but block their chances and then release them to play well somewhere else.


Rob Swaine was a case in point, quite happily playing every week (apart from regular suspensions!!) at a higher league with Thurrock (although they may get relegated!!) and yet we have struggled with centre halves this season.


Jack West is another case - a lot of supporters rate him and yet his chances are very limited. OK we are well served with strikers but chances are he will drift off somewhere else.


Sorry, bit of a rant on there - so who is the keeper on bench for tonight?

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Semanshia Alaile Dunc Dumas


BWG Hunter Dormer Fergie


Flack Bricknell


Adding Alaile to the back four will give us more mobility and hopefully cut down on the amount of needless free kicks we give away in the final third.


Agree with a couple of recent postings that BWG isn

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THinking about my team selection and I would swap HUnter for Wareham.


There are plenty of times when we have gone for two wingers and onward wih the "gung" ho" attitude and I'm sorry, it's come back to "bite us".


I think, away from home, we should take the defensive option and go narrow with Dormer on the left, giving Dumas the opportunity to go up with |Dormer covering.


I know there are plenty of people that like to see attacking football and we are by no means any less attacking but having three players that can tackle in midfield away from home, is a sensible option in my opinion.

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