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Next season


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just thought id start a thread that isnt slagging the manager off. So assuming nothing drastic happens and we have the same behind the scenes team what players would you like to keep next year to build on this year and where would you improve.


Matt platt will leave as he is only on a placement and so moves back to manchester next season. To replace him and give us a target man i would personally like to see us sign leon yarnie who i believe showed an interest at the start of the season.


Othere than that i think we only really need one extra in the centre, possibly a pritch type player and i think we need to strengthen the wings a bit. Would like to see an experienced player come into the wings such as michael gilkes was a few years ago.


what do you think?

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if thats true about Platt then that is a big big blow to us as he has been the best of our 3 main strikers this season imo. however if we can attract rated strikers at this level like Romeo and Jordan im sure we will be able to find somebody


defence is pretty much sorted centrally particularly. maybe another full back ideally maybe one who can play left and right


at least 1 winger if not 2 and another similar player to Pritchard as you say


i would say its inevitable that a few will leave but Slough havent kept the majority of the previous season squad for ages and without that kind of consistency we are never going to go anywhere fast

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Definitely need two more midfield players IMO, hopefully one centre of midfield and an attacking winger. Platt is only with us for a year I believe, although not sure if its a calendar year or one season. I heard a rumour on Saturday that one of the AFC Hayes lads was joining soon. Other than that hope we keep all those from thsi term.

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Guest Anonymous

Are we not getting a bit carried away here? Lets wait and see which league we will be in for next season, as we have just gone 3 0 down against Uxbridge it looks like it will be another struggle just to stay up. How bad can it get?

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