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Charles Webster


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You may recall that I recently suggested contacting the Reporter to see if they would print a generic poster for next season to advertise home games.


My posting suggested:


1. let them have a "Follow the Fleet in the Reporter every week" logo across the top or bottom


2. Make the poster timeless by having a line which reads NEXT HOME GAME AT STONEBRIDGE ROAD over plain white box which can be left empty for the name of the next opponents & kick off time to be written in


3. Persuade the Reporter to print, say 2000( i.e. 20 games, 100 posters for each game).


4. Get them to put one up outside every nesagent in the area instead of their usual posters.




I have now heard from Matthew Panting at the Reporter and they have agreed to print the posters FREE OF CHARGE!!


Hopefully they will circulate them also to newsagetns.


Now it's over to Stu M to tie up the loose ends. I believe Matthew will be getting in touch. If not, drop him a line.


PS Good luck to Jimmy, a great footballer, a great ambassador for the Fleet and truly terrific bloke.

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Chas - I got an email from Matthew as well, and I've contacted Jess to see if the Supporters Trust can help with distribution.


I'll have to design them in June, though, as I'm a bit busy July, so might have to leave the fixture section blank for someone else (Reporter?) to fill in.


My only problem is which of our few remaining players to put in - it's a bit 'Russian Roulette' at the moment. Jacko would have been a home banker!

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Hi Stu(wink wink). How's Madge(wink wink)?


Please keep in touch with Matthew. On the design side may I suggest the time old adage KEEP IT SIMPLE! We just want to

tell people who, where, when what and how as clearly as possible. Too much detail and nothing will jump off the poster. Hopefully the Reporter will print the 2,000 or so generic posters in colour with the large blank white panel which tells you the time , date and name of opponents, being over printed in black when we get the fixtures.


The important thing is that we get the Reporter to put them up outside newsagents.!!!!


If I can be of any assistance let me know.

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